| 27 Nov 2022
Gaana 4.0 now features music videos and lyrics as well on mobile app

NEW DELHI:, the online music broadcasting service, has launched its upgraded Gaana 4.0 mobile app, integrating music videos and lyrics into its popular music streaming service.

With a host of new features, music videos and lyrics integrated seamlessly within the application, the all new app will enable the listeners richer music experience. The upgrade is available on both iOS & Android platforms. has nine million monthly active users and a growing catalogue with over three million songs in over 21 languages.

Music videos are integrated throughout the entire three million+ songs catalog, indicated with a grey camera icon when available. In addition to in-line integrations of music videos, Gaana has added a music videos section, featuring hand-picked, popular music videos, easily accessible from the home screen of the app.

In addition to music videos, lyrics are now available from the full-screen player on select songs as well. When a song is playing, a user can open the full screen player to see a prominent 'lyrics' button. One click, and lyrics for the song being played are shown allowing consumers to follow their favourite tunes word by word.

And finally, the entire Gaana UI has gone through a refresh, to improve readability and access to content. Favorites and downloads have also been brought up front, based on user feedback for easier access. And of course, Gaana users' favorite features, like Gaana Radio, Discover, Radio Mirchi, What My Friends are Listening To, etc, are all still available for all users. Business Head Pawan Agarwal said, "We are delighted to launch the latest upgrade of the Gaana app. We are committed to providing our users with an immersive music experience that they love. The new version 4.0 will not only provide a complete musical experience through songs, music videos and lyrics but also has features an easy to use hassle free interface. This upgrade would certainly redefine the way people experience music on mobile devices."