| 27 Sep 2022
Apple rejecting third-party music downloading apps

MUMBAI: Recent reports have suggested that Apple is cracking down on music applications from its iOS App Store. The company has asked developers to remove audio downloading functionalities from their apps.

Apple has taken this step to remove the third party applications to curb competition from applications like Soundcloud and YouTube. The move could be a win for the tech giant as it may urge consumers to sign up for Apple's Beats Music at a price of $10 per month.

Earlier, a 'music download' search in the app store would present a number of results of applications some of which blatantly shared similar names like 'free music download'. Now, it brings up fewer results. Instead, the App Store displays a message asking users to try out iTunes Radio.

Apple is firm about its stand on illegal music downloads and preserves a strict set of guidelines for developers. The App Store recommends users to check out music streaming apps like Spotify where users cannot download music. This also encourages users to share music via social media.

The move is an apparent step to further promote Apple's home apps including its new undertaking iBeats. It might as well be an effort clean up its store before launching iOS8.

All the reports prove that Apple is clearly prioritising music and is looking to expand its territory in the music streaming industry.