| 18 May 2024
'Well played India', says Spotify's year-end marketing campaign

MUMBAI: Nearly ten days ago, Spotify announced the local version of its very popular, global Wrapped campaign, where app users across countries could see the top artists, tracks, albums, and more that they listened to on the platform. To amplify the impact of this consumer engaging campaign, Spotify is now running ‘Well Played India’, a marketing campaign across TV, outdoor, and digital, to celebrate how Indians listened to music through 2019. The essence of this campaign is to highlight the biggest music streaming trends across the country, based on cultural and seasonal moments of listening.

What differentiates this campaign from Spotify’s previous marketing campaigns here is that ‘Well Played India’ at its core, is powered by data, and an ode to India’s growing passion for music transitioning from a recreational experience, to a more integral part of the daily social fabric across user moods and moments. The localized theme of the campaign is designed to build relevance with the local users, who have not experienced Spotify Wrapped, but have been listening to music and podcasts on Spotify since its launch in India earlier this year.

So far, over 100 artists and more than 11,000 users have shared their Wrapped cards on social media, with the maximum search volume for #SpotifyWrapped coming from Goa, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Delhi, and Karnataka. Beyond users and artists, brands and influencers also joined in the Wrapped fun - right from Netflix and BuzzFeed India, to Boscia and Akshar Pathak.

‘‘Spotify Wrapped is unlike any other campaign and is designed to celebrate the user’s intimate relationship with music. Born through data and powered by the user’s innate passion to explore music, the campaign at its core reflects our value in audio discovery and how we are bringing alive newer music journeys and sounds every day. “Well played” is a commonly used phrase between friends and family in conversations, and we used it to create relatability to what the Wrapped campaign stands for. Right from users to artists, we’ve seen the sharing of Wrapped cards kick-off, and hope that this campaign drives more consumption and sharing,” said Neha Ahuja, Head of Marketing at Spotify India.

The ‘Well Played India’ campaign specifically highlights four key moments of the year and what Spotify users listened to the most, during these moments. Right from ‘Diwali cooking’ to ‘post-Diwali workout’, and from the ‘wedding season’ to the ‘traffic’ season that comes along with the weddings, the brand campaign depicts how every situation was accompanied by music.

The campaign features two TVCs, 25 digital creatives across online and social media platforms, and 15 OOH creatives highlighting culturally relevant audio trends, through the end of the year.

For the entire Wrapped experience, Spotify users can navigate to for an eye-catching visualization of their 2019 year in music.

Find out more about what India listened to in 2019 here. Get to know the Wrapped experience through this video and on Spotify’s For the Record post.