| 29 Nov 2023
Music app by Facebook 'Aux' to bring about an engaging contest

MUMBAI: An initiative by Facebook to launch a Music app ‘Aux’ in order to create an engagement and different experiences for people is just another feather in the cap.

 The App will focus on certain features which will include contests on whose song that should be played according to the selections and they will then compete for the ‘Aux’.

 The selection of track list will be based on the number of ‘claps’ received. Target audience is school-aged kids and teenagers who can join a party in the app every day at 9 PM.

‘Aux’ is the work of the social network’s ‘NPE Team’ division. The app can be described as a resemblance of a DJ for the youngsters or as a long lost social music service Turntable·fm.

 Facebook has come up with this initiative in order to check if it is useful but if it turns around the other way the app will be taken down. As of now the App is initially launched only in Canada.