| 20 Apr 2024
Google music store finally debuts in India

MUMBAI: Google has finally launched its Play Music Store in India, after years of anxious waiting by the Indian consumers.

It has been a long wait, especially considering other countries have had this service since 2011.

In India, the Play Music Store will compete against the Apple Music, Wynk, Gaana and Saavn among others. However, right now the service has some limitations. Google Play Music store is now live, but most disappointingly, it does not offer a subscription service yet.

However, there is no sign-up fee. You can go to your desktop and register for the service through the Google Play Music settings.

The Music store, as the name suggests, lets you purchase individual songs or albums, and then listen to them on the Play Music app.

The Music Store lists songs under broad categories like ‘Top Songs’, ‘Top Albums’ and ‘New Releases’. Songs are listed under various categories like Best of Bollywood, Indian Pop Hits, International Music Indian Classical, and regional playlists in languages like Telugu and Tamil among others. The Store gives you a quick preview of each song before you can purchase them using the payment credentials associated with the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also buy Google Play cards and redeem them on the Music Store to buy songs.