| 29 Nov 2021
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26 Nov 2021

BIG FM launches ‘Dhun Workouts’, a unique initiative aimed towards empowering one’s lungs and soul!

MUMBAI: Taking into account the rising health crisis that the country has faced over the past couple of years, citizens of India are taking special care of their health through exercise, sports an

11 Oct 2021

My role is to deliver value to shareholders by...

MUMBAI: Preeti Nihalini Chief Business and Revenue Officer, Entertainment Network India Ltd.

30 Nov 2010

Archana's Diary: Day-II with Sukhi ji

This had to be my most memorable experience of escorting the Musical-e-Azam (MeA) guest at 6:30 in the morning! Sukhwinder Singh is a huge fitness freak! He had once told me that his 6 bedroom apartment in Juhu is a gym and a doghouse, as every room has some gym equipment or the other, and his five dogs walk all over!

23 Nov 2010

Rajat Kakar: Why should I subsidize the Radio business!

Rajat Kakar, Managing Director - Universal Music Group India, is a passionate, straight-talking leader who has been in the music business for the last 14 years, starting with Sony Music when it began operations in India in 1996. As MD UMG India, Kakar has been transforming UMG from a physical-media- and Bollywood-oriented outfit to an artiste-based 360-degree entertainment company with strategic alliances with production houses and telecom giants, and income streams from digital, live business and merchandising.

18 Nov 2010

Shashi Sinha - Radio and the great outdoors!

Shashi Sinha  - VP & National Head - Sales & Marketing, Laqshya Outdoors and Laqshya Airport Media.

12 Nov 2010

Anurradha Prasad - Phase III Policy: Expect a much fairer regime

Anurradha Prasad President AROI; CMD – B.A.G. Network is clearly on a mission. With the Music royalty issue taken care of, she says the Radio industry should now look forward to excellent tidings on automatic migration and extended license period for current operators, and those eyeing Phase III should safely expect a policy that takes on board all concerns of the Radio industry in India.

03 Nov 2010

Neeraj Kalyan: India's political and bureaucratic brass lack will to curb piracy

In conversation with Group's Director Content and RnM Editor Pavan R Chawla, Neeraj Kalyan, Head, Intl Business, Publishing  & Digital Content - T-Series, speaks of the digital space and its challenges.

12 Oct 2010

Radio must think Big: Prashant Panday

We begin our LEADERSHIP series with a freewheeling chat with a young veteran - Prashant Panday, Executive Director & CEO ENIL , who, in a chat with Pavan R Chawla, believes Radio in India can hit a market share of 9 to 10%  and that Radio is now the near-default second medium in national media plans. Panday believes Radio needs to think big for the betterment of the industry, and suggests that the top 10 Radio Networks should help RAM with a voluntary corpus to help the Radio Industry through more cities on the RAM grid.

05 Aug 2010

Babble Fish Productions director Samira Kanwar - Any kind of alternative music is over shadowed by Bollywood in India

While rock as a genre is not widely popular in the country, its followers swear by it. Tapping the underground Indian rock music scene in all its grungy glory Babble Fish has brought the second season of The P-Man Show created specifically for the digital medium. The show gives a peek in the Independent music scene in all its grungy glory. Talking further about the slow yet increasing popularity of rock music and the viability of the online medium, Babble Fish Productions director Samira Kanwar in conversation with's Harpreet Khokhar.

25 May 2010

9XM programming head Amar Tidke - Channels with appointment viewing will face a problem in the longer run

He has dabbled in radio and in the online space, managing the creative departments at Mobile2win, Radio City as well as Fever FM.

He was recently appointed as the head of programming for INX Media's 9XM. Amar Tidke, who has settled in comfortably in his new role in the music channel,  talks about his new stint in the television space, in conversation with's Harpreet Khokhar 


15 Apr 2010

AWAL founder Denzyl Feigelson - This is the right time for a new model in the industry

UK based AWAL (Artists Without A Label) founder Denzyl Feigelson was recently in India at Ficci Frames 2010 to speak on 'Music Industry and Remedies For its Revival'. A musician, and a music therapist, Feigelson has been credited with having closely worked on iTunes when it started in 2007.

An innovator on the digital music space, his brainchild AWAL, has proved to be a significant platform for independent artistes across the globe who prefer to release their material digitally instead of going to a label.

05 Apr 2010

OnMobile president and COO Sanjay Uppal - With music streaming gaining ground, digital music consumption might undergo shifts

Having made its debut on the Indian Stock Exchanges (BSE and NSE) in February 2008, Bangalore based VAS provider OnMobile is aggressively viewing the radio space. The company is currently in talks with network operators to roll out its mobile radio service M-Radio Gold. OnMobile also entered into strategic alliance with commercial radio operator Big FM recently to launch Big Mobile Radio.