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News |  24 Oct 2009 16:30 |  By chiragsutar

'Markets around the world are flooded with bands' - Jayce Lewis

MUMBAI: VH1, which, in the past has brought down many upcoming artistes as a part of its VH1's Global Express series, introduced the former 'Losing Sun' drummer Jayce Lewis to the Indian audience in Mumbai at the Hard Rock Cafe recently.

Lewis is currently in India touring as a solo musician to promote his new single 'Icon' and a pretty much unheard genre of music which he describes as 'alternative- electronic- metal'. Lewis took the solo route after 'Losing Sun' disbanded in December 2008 (after making music together for four years) 

Lewis says  it was nasty. "I got stabbed in the back by my band. They lied and told that I wanted to go solo. Unfortunately, for them, the music biz guys knew they were lying, so in a way they dug their own grave." However, it was not just the band that caused him the distraught, "My girlfriend too left me during the same time- that was more horrible - I was on the verge of (pauses) committing suicide."

Speaking about his shift as a solo musician and choosing India to start off, Lewis says, "The markets around the world are flooded with bands - you don't see any solo artiste - that was one of the reasons why I went solo. And since I could play multiple instruments - it actually frustrated me that I was in a band." Interestingly, Lewis' first single 'Icon' has only been released India. He also plans to release an album by May 2010 under EMI label.

This former Losing Sun drummer started his music journey after picking up the guitar at the age of six, and later moved to drums, before diving into singing. "I love India and the eastern countries.My rhythms and timings come from eastern influences. Now, I am exploring singing - con was the song first song I ever sang,... he beams.

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