About Us

About Us (RnM) is India's first website dedicated to the world of Radio and Music. Begun in 2007, the website not only guides you through the rapidly growing FM radio and music sectors with daily news updates, interviews and analysis, but also serves as a meeting platform for executives and creative people from both sectors. Part of the growing group,'s mission is to become the destination of choice not just for lovers of music and radio, but also for those looking to stay on top of all that is happening on the business side. Straddling the two industries, is in a unique position to analyse trends, get expert speak from both sectors and offer insights in a world where changing technology is changing the equations on an almost daily basis. While we focus on the business side of the industries, we also focus on emerging areas like community radio, keep a track of the latest chartbusters and radio audience measurement statistics, and keep a tab on the latest in innovations from both sectors. Log unto and for more.

Other services also sends out a daily newsletter, The RadioandMusic Linx, and a weekly The Radioandmusic Reporter, to a database that's currently at 50,000 and growing. We also bring out special RnM Magazine, a print publication that addresses several issues concerning the radio and music industries in India.