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Interviews |  16 Aug 2014 18:52 |  By RnMTeam

Ed Sheeran: I like The Lord Of The Rings

From playing in small venues in England to selling out Madison Square Garden, singer/ songwriter Ed Sheeran has come a long way since beginning his music career in 2005. Despite tasting international fame only three years ago, the 23 year old has two studio albums, of which the second is a chart topper in the UK and US, and has several number one singles. He has performed with one of music’s biggest icons- Sir Elton John and has toured with one of today’s biggest music act- Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran talks about his latest album, his upcoming tour and his dream collaborator.

'x' is doing pretty well since its release. How does it feel to have your second album become a chart topper? Did you expect that kind of reaction?

I took more time putting ‘x’ together. I feel like with the first album there were a lot of people who did not get it and did not really understand the whole thing, and therefore did not like it. This time around everyone knows what I am about and they have kind of accepted the sort of artist I am. I know my fan base and I can tell when something is going well and I am extremely happy with the response.

How does it feel to have topped Radio Xtra's power list?

I knew exactly why I was there. I have worked my ass off. Regardless of whether my music is any good or not, I have really put in the hours. Anything I speak about in my songs is not a foreign thing for someone my age to do nowadays. It is not so much about temptation or peer pressure; it is just about being in situations and wanting to experience things. So that later on in life I can say, Well, I have done that, I have done this, I enjoyed that, this was not so much fun.

Most of your gigs have had an acoustic sound. Will that change in your upcoming tour, considering how different ‘x’ is from ‘+’?

I am an acoustic balladeer who sings soppy love songs to teenage girls. And that is something I have never really shied away from, or wanted to shy away from because I think it is something I can do quite well. But with ‘x’ it is more of a step forward. I have tried some new stuff on it. I have
stepped outside of my comfort zone a little bit. I do not think I would change anything for my tour.

You have done pop, folk, acoustic and hip hop already. What other genres would you like to experiment with in your music?

I quite like all the musical trends because they go in and out, even something like EDM, which I was not a big fan of to begin with. The first EDM song that I loved was Calvin Harris ‘I'm Not Alone’. As soon as Martin Garrix and Avicii started doing stuff, that was when I really started digging it. Dubstep in pop songs - that was a short lived trend. When it was coming from the right place and the right producers it was great. If Skream made a pop song or like when Benga did Katy B, it was wicked. But not when Joe Bloggs who is signed to Joe Bloggs publishing gets asked to do a song for Joe Bloggs pop band. I am going to put on a dubstep wob and see how it goes.

Which artists would be part of your dream collaboration?

Stevie Wonder. In my eyes, there is no one better than Stevie Wonder. He is a top dude.

You have done a track each for 'Hobbit' and 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Are there any upcoming films that you would like to do a song for?

There are not any film collaborations, but I am working with Usher and Skrillex.

Are you a reader? Which are some of your favourite books?

Not that much of a reader. I like The Lord Of The Rings.

How do you spend your time when not making music?

Chilling with my friends or listening to my favourite music.

Courtesy- Sony Music India