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News |  12 Jun 2014 15:40 |  By RnMTeam

Abhijeet Bhattacharya rips Bollywood music industry

The romantic voice of Abhijeet Bhattacharya has ruled the music industry for more than a decade with evergreen hits from films like ‘Khiladi’, ‘Yes Boss’, ‘Chalte Chalte’, ‘Anjaam’, ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ and many more. He’s back this time with a new solo album ‘AB’ which is signed under Times Music.

In a conversation with’s Jescilia Karayamparambil, he speaks about Bollywood in a different light.

Why did you decide to have a solo album, when everyone is collaborating?

Others need collaboration but I do not. No one knows what happens in collaboration. ‘Abhijeet Bhattacharya’ is a brand and as brand they like my singing style so they want to hear more of Abhijeet from ‘Yes Boss’, ‘Chalte Chalte’ and ‘Khiladi’. Above all, I was made aware through my fans and social sites that my music album ‘Tere Bina’, is above my film songs. In films, my voice gets the support of an actor but in an album it is my voice and me; there is no other support. Yet people like listening to my album. So why is there a need for me to collaborate? If there are people who want to collaborate then they should approach me, which I am open to. And collaboration is not a big task as there are more than 5000 singers who just record their voices and send it across without being present physically together to record. Collaborations are just to hype the track. It is not something I believe in.

Tell about us about the animated video for the track ‘Pankhudi ki Palki’.

This is a very expensive animated video and I believe it is the first time that any singer has unveiled an animated video. I could have hired an actress for the video for the same price. The video was the challenge taken up by my director Paresh Mehta who is the creator, director and producer of the video. It is an animated video for a romantic track, so it had to be something unique and dangerous at the same time. There were so many elements to consider, and he did it. It took more than seven months to create the video and I can proudly say that no one has done such a video.

What do you plan to give music lovers through this album?

I am giving the world a music that the fans are deprived of today. I do not care how many copies are sold but I am sure it will be a lifelong collection for many of the fans. I have been working on the album for more than two years. This album is for my hard-core fans and true romantic fans. It is a romantic album and I would ask people who are unromantic to not touch my album. I have received a gift and fans love me for it. My fans gave me money and fame and all that I am today is because of them. It is time I give them back with my music.

After Nadeem-Shravan era was over, Sameerji has not got a chance to write lyrics which he enjoys writing. It was his wish that he should be allowed to write some good lyrics. He felt that it was time for him to write something that has no double meaning and by writing for my album; he is relieved from that suffocation. I kept in mind all three elements- the creative director, listener and lyricist, while making the album. I feel relieved by singing my songs all around the world, but for them the album was an outlet. Sameerji has done very good work with the album. The album is the contribution of Paresh Mehta, Sameerji and me.

How do you manage to push yourselves to deliver the music you believe in?

It is the honesty inside me that helps me deliver something like that. One needs to be innocent about the music that is happening around the world. I do not really listen to songs that are played today. My concentration has always been RD Burman and Kishore Kumar. I am happy that the music composers I have worked with have given me their best compositions so far. I am still in that evergreen category in which other singers do not come in. Rafi Saheb, Lataji and Ashaji’s songs are evergreen. They are lucky that they are the best singers who got some good songs to their name. I am also as lucky as them. I will not say that I have sung for Shahrukh Khan but I will say that I have sung a best song. Songs are bigger than the star. ‘Tere Bina’ album is bigger than my film music.

What is your take on new music composers and talents in the music industry?

It is very sad that today you do not get to see the name of one music composer on hoardings of films. The main reason for this is that one film has two or more music composers, which is disheartening. The hoarding will carry names of only big music composers and others are not included in the list. The condition of a music director is worst compared to a singer. There are 30,000 singers and 5000 music composers who are also singers. Today, no one can point at one music composer and say that he is doing very well. One day he has few songs and the very next day he is lost. The music of new composers fades along with the title of a newcomer. Today, music composers are creating hits, but not immortal music, which is why they do not survive in the industry. If you write lyrics with double meaning words then it will become an instant hit. To deliver a melodious song that is immortal is a difficult job.

Music composers are good but the issue here is that they are not making music that is immortal. If they have voices that are evergreen and immortal then music also becomes immortal. But they do not have the confidence in just one singer to do justice with the track, so they make 12-15 singers sing one song. For a month or two, you are recording the same song. If you ask a singer about his forthcoming film song, he will not be able to say because one song will be sung by many and the singers do not know if the song will stay or not.

Earlier, there were huge studios and now there are bathroom size studios, so singers will also be bathroom singers. Hand-over the singer today with a guitar and tell him to sing in front of the crowd and then you will see where they stand. I cannot respect such singers. Today, if I criticise singers or musicians, people will say that I have no work so I am doing this. I would honestly say that I do not care about it. If I stand with them on stage their hands will shiver because I do not need auto-tuning to sing. Music composers record tracks in pieces so they do not have the guts to make me sing as I am bigger for their liking.

How comfortable are you working with new music composers?

I am very comfortable with them. If a new music composer wants to work with me then you know the vision of the music composer and I will be very happy that he is not following any trend. Today, having new singers for every track is the trend in the industry. It is like fashion and breaking that fashion and working with me is something that would surprise me.

What is your take on Yo Yo Honey Singh who started as rapper and now a music composer?

I am very happy that he has move ahead in his music career. The situation is more is like ‘Loha lohe ko katata hai’ (back fired). A music director brought him in and started the trend. In this trend, they decided not to employ singers like Shaan, Sonu and I because we are asking for royalties. They were avoiding using our vocals and getting new singers for every new track that comes out. So that new singers come and go, this will not allow them to get established. When a non-musician, non-music director and non-singer have taken the job of a music composer, I would say that they have reaped what they have sown.

This is the punishment of all music directors who took to unethical ways.

What is your view on copyright?

I want my songs to get pirated and to have illegal downloads. Why should I talk about non-piracy and illegal downloads because music companies have earned a lot through our songs and are not giving us what we deserve? Music companies have built huge buildings and have produced films but they have closed down the music business. That is what is happening. The label companies earn through the hard-work of a singer and lyricist, but they do not consider us.

Going back to your album, will you promote it by touring and other means?

I do not do things like this. It is for artistes who are new in the music business and I will continue with my own tour. There will not be any special tours for the same. I do not want to sell the album; it is more or less to sing during my tours. Music companies are earning money through song of 80s and 90s. I tour for my fans and not to promote my album.