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News |  27 May 2014 14:54 |  By RnMTeam

I live and breathe rap: Indian Rapper Krsna

MUMBAI: Indian rapper and hip-hop musician Krsna, is travelling around various Hard Rock Cafés in India, promoting his album 'Sellout'. The album is an opportunity for the rapper to provide an album which would be 'unpredictable' in nature and would surprise his fans.

Just before the album, Prozpekt, as he was previously known, renamed himself Krsna (a modified version of his name Krishna). He took a bold step by doing music that is commercial in nature. Even as Krsna makes music in his new name, he promises to go back his is old style if the need arises.

'Sellout' has a special story, and he stressed that he has tried his level best to portray it in the album. "I moved from Hindi to English hip-hop music and that journey is depicted in the album. When I decided to do tracks with English lyrics, people termed me a "sell-out" as I had started creating commercial songs and they formed opinions about me. The title track of the album is 'Sellout'. That is my point of view about my journey of creating tracks inspired by social-political conditions to commercial tracks," Krsna stated. He started working on his new album in December last year and within two months completed it.

One of the album's singles - 'Last night' is being played on Vh1 and two more videos are in the pipeline. "There is one commercial track in the album, but the rest is more or less like my old style. This album is more about my being," said the rapper. Krsna who moves around Delhi and Mumbai, gave up his job and decided to take up music completely. "I live and breathe rap music," he expressed. He recorded his first track at the age of 18 and later realised that he was obsessed with rap music.

He added, "My aim with the album was to give the tracks some International sound and feel, which somewhat I was able to achieve through the album."

Krsna might have entered the entertainment business but he is careful about not disclosing his full name as he believes it would "encourage stalkers."

The year started off well for the artiste as he was signed to Contrabands which is the joint venture between Universal Music, Vh1 and Hard Rock Café. Contrabands has signed EDM sensation Lost Stories and Mizoram based rock band Boomarang in 2013, making
Krsna is the first rap artiste to be signed by Contrabands.

In his future plans, he hopes to make more music which will be appealing to International audiences and to collaborate with many big names in the rap space.