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Music Composer: Vishal Shekhar

Artistes: Sukhwinder, Akon, Hamsika Iyer, Clinton Cerejo, Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravijani, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, Shruti Phatak, Nandini Shrikar, Rekha Bhardawaj, Richa Sharma and Shilpa Rao

Label: T-Series

Ra.One is finally loaded…. the exhilaration for Ra.One music reached its par when the news of Senegalese American singer Akon's collaborative track fled media rooms. The techno-friendly magnum opus music composed by duo Vishal-Shekhar lives up to the hype, but the reliability of songs differentiates a good soundtrack to be a great album.

SRK who is known for picking astounding sound has well-planned the outline of the album by permitting Akon to lead the tracks in support of talented singers. The album is contrived of 15 Hinglish tracks fuelled heavily with five remixes, three instrumentals and seven originals which are situational and catchy.

The curtain raiser of the album, �Chamak Chalo' has become an entity in itself with a brilliant combo of middle-eastern, Indian and contemporary music. The composition of varying genres and instrumental beats blends well with the oomph and attitude of Akon. The singer's Hindi verses which are precise and orderly astounds listeners when it interacts aptly with sultry voice of Hamsika Iyer. The high tempo beats by VS and peppy singing brings out the ubiquitously frolicsome feel to this dancing bonanza. Chamak Chalo has been remixed in four versions which includes Chamak Chalo remix, club mix, international version with Akon's English vocals, and Punjabi mix.

From other versions of Chamak Chalo, Punjabi mix is the notable track as it delivers some pounding desi beats with the entr?©e of ethnical bhangra tuneful zest synchronizing with added disco-beat fillers and the drumming patterns.

Following the vivacious number is another groovy track Dildara (Stand by me), the number falls on the lines of SRK's earlier Hinglish track �Pretty Woman' and Ben E King's immortal melody �Stand by Me.' Vishal – Shekhar has played creatively with the number adding a Gospel music and finely balancing it with soul and R&B. The number grasps the impact and zeal with

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