Entertainment  |  30 Mar 2018

'Gaanasaraswati in Retrospect' to pay tribute to Kishori Tai

MUMBAI: Sophisticated in thought and expression, Kishori Tai became an icon for purists.  Her music continues to command a large following among m

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Entertainment  |  16 Feb 2018

The singing violin of Kala Ramnath by Pancham Nishad

MUMBAI: Udayswar@Prithvi is a rare and truly unique acoustic experience of Indian Classical Music to be enjoyed in its pure form, in the manner it

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Entertainment  |  17 Jan 2018

Udayswar@Prithvi presents Bhuvanesh Komkali

MUMBAI: Pancham Nishad and Prithvi Theatre both active in promoting and developing the performing arts have come

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