Entertainment  |  04 Jan 2021

Sona Mohapatra: Look forward to audiences separating wheat from the chaff

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra hopes the culture of worshipping PR-built celebrities is shunned in 2021, with the audience rewarding genuine talent.

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Entertainment  |  02 Nov 2020

Sona Mohapatra reacts to Kerala Cong chief's statement on women

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has reacted to the controversial statement that Kerala Congress Chief Mullapally Mamachandran recently made about re

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Entertainment  |  11 Sep 2020

Sona Mohapatra's tips on right way to 'smash the patriarchy'

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has joined the list of showbiz celebrities who have shown solidarity with Rhea Chakraborty, posting their views on pa

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Entertainment  |  13 Aug 2020

Singer Sona Mohapatra: Women's Safety - "Raat Ke Musaafir" music video to release on Independence Day

MUMBAI: Ultra Media & Entertainment presents music video “Raat Ke Musaafir” featuring vocals by Sona Mohapatra.

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Entertainment  |  16 Jul 2020

Sona Mohapatra on her body: It's one that I am proud of

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has delivered a message against pre-conceived notions about celebrities being expected to have a skinny body, saying

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Entertainment  |  24 Jun 2020

Sona Mohapatra: If you care for music, please pay musicians

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has urged music lovers to pay for artistes instead of looking for ‘free access to music.

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Entertainment  |  22 Jun 2020

Sona Mohapatra: Salman's tweet about Sushant a 'large hearted' PR move

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra feels Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's tweet about late actor Sushant Singh Rajput is a

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Entertainment  |  19 Jun 2020

Sona Mohapatra conceptualises music video 'Portraits of quarantine'

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has conceptualised a music video, "Portraits of quarantine", as an idea to timestamp this period of isolation with a

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Entertainment  |  15 Jun 2020

Sona Mohapatra: I reinterpret old songs to bridge cultural, generational gap

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra who released her new song "Nit khair manga", in collaboration with artiste Asit Kumar Patnaik, says that interpretin

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Entertainment  |  09 Jun 2020

Sona Mohapatra interprets 'Nit khair manga' with 'feminine perspective'

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra released her new song "Nit khair manga", a reworked rendition of the traditional Sufi qawwali that is predominantly p

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Entertainment  |  26 May 2020

Sona Mohapatra dedicates song to Amphan victims

MUMBAI: Singer Sona Mohapatra has dedicated a song titled "Nilamani" to the people of her home state, Orissa, and other people who braved the super

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