Biz  |  11 Dec 2015

Rathore: E-auction ensured transparency and true market price of FM Radio waves

New Delhi: Simultaneous Multi Round Ascending (SMRA) e-auction for private FM Radio on Electronic Auctions System (EAS) ensured transparency and fa

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Biz  |  31 Jul 2015

Provisional Winning Price for Delhi crosses Rs 100 crore as total bids reach up to Rs 714 crore

NEW DELHI: Even as twenty rounds of the FM Phase III e-auction ended with four more rounds today, the provisional winning price for one channel in

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Biz  |  30 Jul 2015

Provisional winning price at end of fourth day of FM Phase III goes higher than the total reserve price for 135 channels

NEW DELHI: The summation of provisional winning prices at the end of the fourth day of the FM Phase III auctions surpassed Rs 550.18 crore, which

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Biz  |  29 Jul 2015

Third day of FM Phase III shows increase of over Rs 170 crore in provisional winning price against reserve price

NEW DELHI: The third day of the e-auction for FM Radio channels in Phase III picked up marginally, but there were no bids in as many as fourteen ci

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