Entertainment  |  05 Oct 2020

ATKT revolutionises student creativity with a first-ever ATKT Campus League

MUMBAI: ATKT, India's biggest campus-talent platform, has worked with the top college fests in the country to create the ATKT Campus League (ACL),

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Entertainment  |  17 Jan 2015

Selena, Justin back together?

MUMBAI:Singers Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted having dinner together, sparking speculations they may be back together.

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Entertainment  |  06 Jan 2015

AR Rahman turns 48, musicians pay tribute

MUMBAI: On the 48th birthday of Oscar-winning composer A.R.

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Entertainment  |  05 Jun 2014

Singers' take on World Environment Day

MUMBAI: It is 5th June and on the occasion of World Environment Day, some musicians have a piece of advice for their fans in order to spread aware

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Entertainment  |  14 Jan 2014

People call me the Aamir Khan among singers: Kavita Seth

MUMBAI: Her powerful and melodious voice combined with her polished Hindustani classical music background was what we witness in Iktara, Tumhi ho b

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Biz  |  14 Jan 2009

Can the singer- actor survive in Bollywood?

Bollywood movies are incomplete without song and dance routines. The world might mock our crazy costumes, unrelated song sequences and location...

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