Biz  |  18 Oct 2019

RJ Malishka opens up about a sting operation on her show

MUMBAI:  Mumbai ki rani RJ Malishka and the team at RED FM Mumbai opened up about a sting operation earlier this mo

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Biz  |  16 Oct 2008

Red FM COO Abraham Thomas - Our focus now is to look beyond radio

'Ram blesses Red FM Mumbai with 52 weeks at the top! Condolences to all the others who tried! Bajaate Raho!' went the cocky text message sent out...

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Biz  |  03 Oct 2008

Ad rates hike - will the advertiser bite?

The new advertising rates for metros announced by many of the FM radio stations have come into effect recently.

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Biz  |  25 Sep 2008

Is the drama just beginning?

How long can a listener hear out 'Kabhi kabhi Aditi', on any station he cares to flick to? The infotainment capsules and snippets like Kamla Ka...

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Photos  |  23 Sep 2008

RJ Malishka disappears from RED FM studio

Mumbaikars turn into daredevils - Dipesh Sampat begs for money to save RJ Malishka who has been Kidnapped!

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Entertainment  |  12 Aug 2008

The Power to Bajaao

MUMBAI: First it was Sush, then it was Kats and joining them were millions of Mumbaikars who wholeheartedly supported us in our endeavor to make a...

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Biz  |  18 Apr 2008

RADIO STATIONS -Stake Claim to Slice of IPL hype

The Indian Premier League has given radio stations another event to piggyback on. Most have tied up with teams specific to their cities, but there...

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Biz  |  15 Apr 2008

Red FM COO Abraham Thomas - Radio will soon be six to eight per cent of the advertising pie

It's bustling with the colour �red' and why not! That's the Red FM berth for you. It's been a successful radio brand and confidently says so....

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Entertainment  |  27 Nov 2007

Red FM RJ Mantra - 'Sticking to English all the time isn't as cool as every Mumbaikar thinks'

Age: 93.5; relationship status: Single and all available - provided I am found; family: my mum who I consider my daughter; can be mostly located in:...

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Biz  |  07 Sep 2007

Uninterrupted music gains currency on radio

No irritating ads and no yakking jocks. Radio stations are increasingly opting for half hour long slots that play music back to back, doing away with...

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Entertainment  |  02 Aug 2007

RED FM RJ Malishka - I was destined to be in radio

If one goes by the yardstick of a casual conversation with Malishka, the lady doesn't have too difficult a job at RED FM.She's witty, spontaneous,...

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