Entertainment  |  11 Oct 2019

5 Reasons why MTV Hustle finale will be 'Bohat Hard'!

MUMBAI: India’s biggest rap revolution, MTV Hustle, not only brought underground rap to mainstream, but won a million hearts for the powerful comp

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Entertainment  |  07 Oct 2019

Naezy starts his Aafat tour with a Bang at IIT Delhi Fest

MUMBAI: Rap sensation Naezy, with his recent release Fatke kickstarted his Live Tour named after his first-ever release - AAFAT at IIT De

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Entertainment  |  27 May 2008

Akshay Kumar to rap tunes with Snoop Dogg

MUMBAI: Rapper Wyclef Jean recently shared recording space with Abhishek Bachchan. Now it is Snoop Dogg who will be rapping along with action hero...

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