Biz  |  13 Aug 2020

BIG FM continues to rule, maintains its No. 1 position with highest cumes and share across four metros combined as per RAM ratings

MUMBAI: Owing to its thought provoking content, timeless music and purpose-led initiatives, BIG FM, one of the largest radio networks in the countr

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Biz  |  24 Aug 2010

Radio Mirchi tops all four metros

MUMBAI: After weeks of battling out, Radio Mirchi finally wore the numero uno crown in all the four metros in week 32 pushing its competitors way...

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Biz  |  17 Aug 2010

Radio City inches forward in B'lore and Delhi

MUMBAI: After a good run last week Radio Mirchi could not hold on to its share as it lost considerable points in almost all the metros  Radio One saw...

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Biz  |  09 Aug 2010

Mirchi, Radio One gain in metros

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi bounced back in week 30 as it saw added massive numbers to its listenership. It gained considerable strides in all the four...

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Biz  |  02 Aug 2010

Radio One climbs up in the four metros

MUMBAI: After announcing several new properties in the past few weeks, Radio One's endeavors seem to bearing fruit as the station saw an ascending...

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Biz  |  26 Jul 2010

Big FM inches up in B'lore, Kolkata and Mumbai

MUMBAI: Big FM saw a good run in week 28 as it added points in the metros of Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai while maintaining status quo in Delhi....

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Biz  |  17 Jul 2010

Radio City gains momentum in B'lore and Delhi

MUMBAI: Radio City emerged as the surprise package in week 27. It gained hefty points in Bangalore and Delhi while maintained status quo in Mumbai....

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Biz  |  12 Jul 2010

Red FM scores in Delhi and Kolkata

MUMBAI: After soaring success last week, Mirchi failed with its winning spree as it lost strides in the city of Kolkata and Mumbai while earning few...

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Biz  |  03 Jul 2010

Radio Mirchi ups ante in metros

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi managed to roar back in Week 25 post last week's hiccups. It gained considerable strides in the metros of Bangalore, Kolkata and...

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Biz  |  28 Jun 2010

Mirchi maintains lead in metros, mixed performance

MUMBAI: Week 24 did not prove to be too beneficial for Radio Mirchi as the station saw a dip in its listenership in Kolkata and Mumbai while...

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Biz  |  19 Jun 2010

Fever FM gathers pace in B'lore, Delhi and Mumbai

MUMBAI: Week 23 turned out to be a mixed bag for Fever FM. The radio station consolidated its position in the cities of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai...

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