Entertainment  |  25 Oct 2018

Peter Andre's son worried about his dad

MUMBAI : Singer Peter Andre's son Junior, whom he shares with former wife Katie Price, is concerned about his father.

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Entertainment  |  05 Sep 2018

Peter Andre finds juggling brood hard

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre has admitted it can be a struggle to spend equal amounts of time with all of his children.

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Entertainment  |  11 Aug 2018

Petre Andre proud of his children

MUMBAI : Singer Peter Andre is a proud father as his children, whom he shares with his former wife Katie Price, got a distinction in their London

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Entertainment  |  06 Aug 2018

Peter Andre wants to help Katie Price

MUMBAI : Singer Peter Andre wants to help his former wife Katie Price, who is struggling with fresh personal turmoil.

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Entertainment  |  01 Mar 2018

Peter Andre won't let his children see him naked

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre has not been afraid to parade his chiseled figure throughout his career, but he says he ‘is not comfortable’ being naked

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Entertainment  |  15 Feb 2018

Peter Andre jokes about 16-year age gap with wife

MUMBAI: Peter Andre has joked about the 16-year age gap between him and his wife Emily.

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Entertainment  |  07 Feb 2018

Peter Andre, wife to expand brood?

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh haven't ruled out expanding their brood once more in the future, although his wife says it won't be

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Entertainment  |  05 Feb 2018

Peter Andre aspired to act in forties

MUMBAI: Peter Andre always wanted to launch a Hollywood career in his forties.

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Entertainment  |  01 Feb 2018

Peter Andre keen to give Buckingham Palace a makeover

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre says he would love to give a 21st century vibe to the Buckingham Palace by adding "high-tech" gadgets.

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Entertainment  |  19 Jan 2018

Peter Andre, family take to French Alps

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre appeared in high spirits as he took to the French Alps with his wife Emily and his two eldest children, Junior and Prin

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Entertainment  |  20 Nov 2017

Andre bans his kids from using social media

MUMBAI: Peter Andre banned his children from using social media after being bullied as a child left him scarred.

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