Biz  |  02 Apr 2019

India's first podcast on rare diseases

MUMBAI: While podcasts still have to make it mainstream in the Indian markets, there are some like Suno India that are making their presence known

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Biz  |  01 Apr 2019

Suno India's intriguing podcasts on Lok Sabha Elections 2019

MUMBAI: While radio is playing a major role in the promotion of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and campaigns, be it of political parties or on voting, P

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Biz  |  21 Feb 2019

Podcasts are to engage, empower and educate and a great way to put your voice out using a digital medium: Padma Priya, Suno India

MUMBAI: While we all know about radio stations and their radio jocks, very little is known about podcasts and podcasters.

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