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Entertainment  |  02 May 2019

Maharashtra's priceless musical reservoir

MUMBAI: Maharashtra – a state know for its rich diverse art, geography, tradition, music and culture etc., celebrat

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Entertainment  |  11 Aug 2018

The captivating music of Lavani

MUMBAI: A comparatively known form of music, Lavani originated in Maharashtra.

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Entertainment  |  28 Jul 2018

Theatre music is legacy of Maharashtra, which is still alive: Varsha Bhave

MUMBAI: Hailing from a family, whose roots of music belong to the pre-independent era, Varsha Bhave is a renowned name in the theatre music space.

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Entertainment  |  24 Jan 2018

'Anand Zala Faar' will give you 'Lavani' vibes

MUMBAI: Here is another release by Zee Music Marathi. Anand Zala Faar from an upcoming movie Yuntum is out.

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