Entertainment  |  20 Feb 2019

Aadyam's first original musical #SingIndiaSing is back with Season 2!

MUMBAI: ItÆs back! After a successful opening season in 2018, #SingIndiaSing is back to enthral audiences yet again!

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Entertainment  |  07 Jan 2019

Gaana Crossblade Punjabi Music Festival is here to captivate music lovers of Pink City

MUMBAI: GaanaCrossblade Punjabi Music Festival powered by Royal Stag Large Short Films is ready to spread some good old Punjabi flavor in Jaipur o

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Entertainment  |  30 Nov 2018

Jazzy B's 'Jattta Da Flag' trends internationally within few hours of release

MUMBAI: International singer Jazzy B has released new single, Jatta Da Flag along with co-singer Kaur B.

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Entertainment  |  24 Oct 2018

Yo Yo Honey Singh to make comeback with single after four years!

MUMBAI: One of the biggest rappers, the Lungi Dance fame Yo Yo Honey Singh is soon to release a single after a hiatus of four years.

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Entertainment  |  11 Dec 2017

Yo Yo Honey Singh is terming his next to be a Nuclear Weapon

MUMBAI: It's been a while since Hridesh Singh, best known as Yo Yo Honey Singh has given his fans a chance to tap their feet on his songs.

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Entertainment  |  28 Jan 2017

Jazzy B to release new album Folk 'N Funky 2

MUMBAI: Jazzy B, the celebrated Punjabi singer who is also known as æCrown Prince of BhangraÆ, is all set to release his brand new album Folk æN Fu

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Entertainment  |  18 Nov 2016

Worldwide Records releases new single 'Saari Saari Raat'

MUMBAI: Worldwide Records releases New Single æSaari Saari RaatÆ by TAZ -Stereo Nation in collaboration with DJ Shadow Dubai and Biba Singh.

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Entertainment  |  03 Oct 2016

Rapping for 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya' an accident: Sonu Sood

MUMBAI: Actor Sonu Sood, who is gearing up for the release of his debut film production 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya', has rapped a few lines of a

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Entertainment  |  26 May 2016

Jazzy B is first South Asian artiste to get Starwalk Bc Entertainment Hall Of Fame

MUMBAI: Jazzy B who is crowned as the Bhangra Prince has set new benchmarks in the history of the film industry.

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Biz  |  28 Jan 2016

Punjabi music lovers can now live stream 'Crossblade' tour

MUMBAI: With the Punjabi musical tour æCrossbladeÆ being held on Thursday and Friday, music aficionados can live stream the tour on the on-demand

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Entertainment  |  02 Oct 2015

MTV Spoken Word releases 'Most Wanted' featuring Snoop Dogg, Jazzy B and Mr. Capone E

MUMBAI: In its last season, æMTV Spoken WordÆ featured some of IndiaÆs most popular rappers including Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar, Baadshah, Jazzy B

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