Entertainment  |  29 Jun 2018

Indie music artistes find help via crowdfunding

MUMBAI : Jazz singer Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and electronica producer Tarana Marwah are among the six talents from across India who

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Entertainment  |  11 Dec 2017

Vidyasagar and Sharreth launches 'Yaagam' Christian devotional album

MUMBAI: Music legends Vidyasagar and Sharreth launched the Christian devotional album Yaagam composed by Shainu RS.

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Entertainment  |  04 Jul 2017

Muzik247 releases Gowry Lekshmi's song from 'Yaagam' Christian devotional album

MUMBAI: Muzik247, the prominent music label in the Malayalam music industry, has released the making video of the song sung by Gowry Lekshmi from '

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