Biz  |  24 Mar 2020

FM radio falls into crisis and needs government support

MUMBAI: Due to COVID-19 there has been a serious slowdown in industries and in such cases like airlines, logistics, hospitality, FM radio and many

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Biz  |  31 Dec 2018

Science and Maths of Radio explained by Amit Naredi, MY FM Regional Business Head (West)

MUMBAI: Hailed as one of the oldest mediums of mass communication, Radio had almost extinguished from Indian media industry in seventies and eight

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Biz  |  02 Feb 2018

TRAI suggests auction of 200 khz band for digital radio broadcast

NEW DELHI: While recommending financial incentives by government, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today recommended auctioning of

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Biz  |  21 Sep 2017

FM Radio channels asked to cover Run for Unity on 31 October

NEW DELHI: All television channels and FM channels have been requested to cover the 'Run for Unity' and floral tribute on Rashtriya Ekta

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Biz  |  10 Jul 2017

After DTT, TRAI now launches exercise on digital radio broadcasting

NEW DELHI: Even as it noted that All India Radio is active in implementation of digital radio in MW and SW bands, the Telecom Regulatory Authority

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Biz  |  03 Jul 2017

76 per cent listen to FM radio using mobiles: Study

MUMBAI: Seventy six per cent of people now listen to FM radio using their mobile phones, AZ research has shown.

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Biz  |  16 Mar 2017

FM Radio to get AIR news on mutually agreed terms; CRS to get these free

NEW DELHI: While stressing that both private FM radios under Phase III and community radios have only been permitted to broadcast news bulletins of

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Biz  |  06 Feb 2017

Supreme Court asks govt to streamline grievance redressal systems against media

NEW DELHI: Action was taken in 52 cases of television and two of radio in the past three years for violation of the Programme or Advertisement Code

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Biz  |  28 Jan 2017

The Central University of Jammu to launch FM station

MUMBAI: Central University of Jammu (CUJ) will launch its own FM radio station this year within the campus.

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Biz  |  24 Jan 2017

Action stations!

MUMBAI: The frenetic activity that marked the electronic auctions for 135 channels in 69 cities in private FM radio's much delayed phase III aucti

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Biz  |  16 Jan 2017

Govt puts off digital payments in digital mode for FM Radio to 1 April 2017

NEW DELHI: All payments by private FM Radio operators can be made in according to the current practice of paying through demand draft etc, until 3

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