Entertainment  |  22 Jan 2020

Taylor Swift opens up on mom's cancer for the first time

MUMBAI: Pop star Taylor Swift has for the first time revealed specifics of her mother Andrea's battle with cancer, in a new interview.

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Entertainment  |  06 Aug 2019

The world needs more wicked women: Angelina Jolie

MUMBAI: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie says wicked women are just women who are tired of injustice and abuse, and the world needs more of them.

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Entertainment  |  04 May 2018

Dua Lipa enjoys single life

MUMBAI: Singer Dua Lipa says she enjoys being single because she learns a lot more about herself.

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Entertainment  |  12 Dec 2016

Carey wants to be invisible for a day

MUMBAI: Singer Mariah Carey says that she would like to be invisible for a day so she can go to the beach without being bothered.

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