Entertainment  |  10 Sep 2019

Azadi Records collaborate with CanSupport India this ovarian Cancer awareness month

MUMBAI: Internationally, September is observed as the month for ovarian cancer awareness and is symbolized by the color teal. In order to show our

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Entertainment  |  05 Feb 2019

'Azadi' open to interpretation, says composer

MUMBAI: Azadi...

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Entertainment  |  09 Aug 2018

Indians open to new forms of music now: Subir Malik

MUMBAI :  Indians are becoming more tolerant when it comes to accepting new forms of music, says Subir Malik, who is one of the band members of Pa

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Entertainment  |  16 May 2018

'Azuma Kazuma' fame Sid Vashi is back with 'Birds'

MUMBAI: Sid Vashi, the enigmatic producer from Mumbai, has been laying low since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album Azuma Kazuma.

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Entertainment  |  22 Feb 2018

Holi Moo! announces line-up for 2 March

MUMBAI: Listed as one of the world’s best festivals to experience in 2018 by USA Today, Holi Moo!

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