Entertainment  |  11 Jul 2019

Singer Jeremy Renner's drops new song 'Main Attraction'

MUMBAI: Hollywood singer-actor Jeremy Renner, who shot to fame playing the bow-wielding Hawkeye in the Marvel universe of the Avengers, ha

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Entertainment  |  10 Mar 2018

I consider Justice League tribute to be my best work yet: Tushar Lall

MUMBAI: It’s always heartening to see youngsters think about the underprivileged.  Especially young artistes, who themselves are finding feet in th

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Entertainment  |  09 Jul 2016

Harris wrote 100 per cent of Taylor Swift cheating song

MUMBAI: DJ Calvin Harris wrote "100 per cent" of his new song ‘Ole’, which is conjectured to be about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift's new relatio

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