Entertainment  |  23 Dec 2018

Arshi Khan's club number 'Nazar' to release on 25 December

MUMBAI: Arshi Khan and Aditya Singh Rajput, who are known to be besties, are once again coming together for Nazar, which is slated to be

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Entertainment  |  16 Nov 2018

Julian Jordan goes hard on bombastic new cut 'Tell Me The Truth'

MUMBAI: It’s impossible to know where the super-talented Julian Jordan will go next.

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Entertainment  |  30 Oct 2017

Pop star Arjun Kanungo is in New York shooting for his next song

MUMBAI: Arjun Kanungo who has created massive hit in the past with his songs Baaki Baatein Peene Baad, Fursat and Ek Dafaa is all set wit

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Entertainment  |  07 Jul 2017

Amazing new remix of Charlie Puth's 'Attention' by DJ Oliver Heldens

MUMBAI: Charlie Puth rocketed up the charts with his new song 'Attention', the first single off his upcoming second album.

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Entertainment  |  24 Apr 2017

Charlie Puth releases new track 'Attention'

MUMBAI: The Atlantic artist gave his new recording a push with a pop-up art project in Los Angeles titled ‘The Attention Room.’

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