Biz  |  27 Aug 2019

Spotify's character-inspired Sacred Games playlists

MUMBAI: Whether or not you've watched the second season of Sacred Games, we've got something for you - three character-inspired playlists, based on

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Entertainment  |  04 Jun 2019

Naezy and Sez On The Beat release single on 'corrupt practices'

MUMBAI: ‘Khaate peete rehna maama Pesha hai kya yeh tumhaara x4,’ questions Naezy in his latest single Mama Mia.The track that releas

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Entertainment  |  10 Sep 2016

New Releases: Nazey's 'Asal Hustle' and Sharma and The Besharams' Honest Party Review

MUMBAI: The evolving and maturing rap scene in India has motivated young composers to finally display their creativity and compositions on videos,

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Entertainment  |  06 Sep 2016

Naezy rolls out new 'Asal Hustle' video and Launch Tour

MUMBAI: Mumbai-based rap prodigy Naezy releases his new single 'Asal Hustle'.  The newest single traverses Naved Shaikh’s journey of growing up in

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