Entertainment  |  06 Mar 2020

Thomson Andrews: "Happy Nagar" culminates five music genres

MUMBAI: Thomson Andrews a multi-talented playback singer, performer, songwriter, dancer, and actor has unleashed his new single “Happy Nagar”

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Entertainment  |  14 Jul 2014

Will.i.am scored his tenth UK No. 1 single with 'It's My Birthday'

MUMBAI: Will.i.am will no doubt be partying like it is his birthday this evening after clocking up his tenth number one single on the UK chart.

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Entertainment  |  03 Mar 2014

Each song of 'Raunaq' will be treated as a separate entity

MUMBAI: After the massive launch of the music album 'Raunaq'- collaboration between maestro A R Rahman and Union minister turned lyricist Kapil Sib

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Entertainment  |  27 Feb 2014

Askew questions dim launch of 'Raunaq'

MUMBAI: The launch of 'Raunaq', which should have been a musical gathering turned out to be less musical and more overwhelming due to the numerous

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Entertainment  |  30 Sep 2013

Coke famed Mame Khan hopes to work with A R Rahman

MUMBAI: After Coke Studio, lives of many artistes have changed so is the case with Mame Khan, who is renowned artiste for his extra-ordinary skills

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Biz  |  05 Feb 2010

10 to watch out for in '10

MUMBAI: 2010 has gotten off to a promising start for the radio industry, with the I &B ministry hinting at an imminent announcement on phase III...

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Entertainment  |  06 Jan 2010

Rewind '09 - 2009: A milestone year for A R Rahman

MUMBAI:  As the Mozart of Madras turns 44 on Wednesday, Radioandmusic.com pays tribute to the maestro by tracking his numerous successes of the past...

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Entertainment  |  04 Jan 2010

Rewind '09 - Top 10 original Bollywood songs of '09

MUMBAI: These are the ultimate must have's on your iPod, for they are aren't just the hummable ones, but tracks that we feel will stand the test of...

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