Friday, December 7, 2018 - 18:45

True School of Music - No. 107, Sun Mill Compound, Opp. Hanuman Temple,Lower Parel

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The aim is to inspire students through a novel approach to the central elements of Indian classical music; to integrate them seamlessly into our instrumental practice and our creative process Some of the Topics that will be covered during the class would be: - Understanding of Indian Ragas and Rhythms. - Modes and their corresponding Ragas. - Understanding just intonation and microtonal tunings. - Chord applications in Raga music. About Nadaka: Plays his one of a kind, Indianised Raga Guitar that combines multiple Indian string instruments into one, and also produces live synthesized sounds. About Keshava: Plays the Tabla, and freely improvises on rhythmic patterns from the classical Hindustani and Carnatic traditions along with world fusion grooves.

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14 Dec 2018 - 6:30pm
A Presentation by Lalith Rao on compositions of Faiyaz Khan, Vilayat Hussain Khan & Khadim Hussa