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Review |  03 Aug 2016 17:49 |  By Jigar Ganatra

Once Love, Now Lust: T-Series stoops low with 'Pyaar Maanga Hai'

MUMBAI: T-Series on Wednesday released a single - 'Pyaar Maanga Hai', featuring Ali Fazal and Zarine Khan. Unfortunately, it seems like a frantic effort to get the viewers to enjoy the ‘soft porn’ type video more than listening to the song. The music is exactly the same as the evergreen classic originally composed by Bappi Lahiri, but the lyrics, intention and the meaning of ‘Pyaar’ has clearly changed from love to lust.   

The video starts with the visual where Ali and Zarine visit a so-called ‘fantasy land’ to learn about the art of making love. But within a few minutes of the video, one can start feeling awkward by the kind of “love making” enacted. This continues throughout the video, and the only difference one can see is in the characters. Ali and Zarine, who in the first few minutes are mere spectators later, show us their moves.

But amidst the erotic visuals, is the song lost? Well, it is indeed, so much to the extent that one might not even get the hint of the new lyrics penned by Manoj Muntashir. Besides the music and the first line, this new single is not anywhere close to the old Kishore Kumar classic. The issue with this new release is the production itself. It is quite confusing to understand whether T-Series’ intention was to attract the audience by watching the video or listen to the song itself. There is so much action in the video that one might enjoy watching it rather than focusing on the singers and the music.

Unlike the new release, T-Series’ previous launches have done well musically. What went wrong with the strategy for this video is unknown yet, but is it just a desperate effort to monetise by all means? Unfortunately, the makers have crossed the line a bit too much and thoroughly failed in their effort if they expect this release to be ‘musically’ liked (refer to the image below).

Here is the video. Watch and enjoy, at least the visuals.