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Press Release |  23 Feb 2019 17:29 |  By RnMTeam

Emerge, a two-day event would be an experience that rolls thoughtful talks, live music, spoken word, and social movements into a single party

MUMBAI: Emerge will be a two-day event (May 31-June 1, 2019 at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel) where you can be inspired by the passion of activist speakers like Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter) and gun-control advocate David Hogg (#NeverAgain), then catch a mind-blowing set by influential musicians like Talib Kweli, Andrew Bird, and transgender punk-rock icon Laura Jane Grace. Where you can have an intellectual discussion about the cultural implications of fear, sex, gender, and the complexities of social justice and change, then dance your ass off to rising MCs like Leikeli47 (full lineup announcement with over 30 performers and activist/speakers coming soon)

It's not a conference. You learn and network effortlessly because it all happens while you’re dancing, drinking, eating, and expanding your mind in a disco ball way that feels very Las Vegas, with a consciousness that Las Vegas has never seen. Emerge is a place for people who live on a spectrum that starts with creativity, passes through fun, and lands on social justice. Emerge is the Spring Break for people who care. People who care about innovation, the planet, and the humans on it. People who care to party without compromise.  It’s a fantasy cannabis-infused dinner party discussion between leading figures and thinkers from across time and space, writ large and made wickedly fun.

 This year’s festival revolves around four themes--Self, Protest, Fear, Sex--meant to drive conversations and discovery. For two days, Emerge will offer a range of immersive experiences and explorations, from the gritty to the charming. Eschewing scattered, clashing stages or tents, Emerge invites those present to sink deep into the topics one at a time, sometimes for as long four hours--and to find for themselves the new voices making vital connections between grassroots movements, social change, and musical expression.

Full Line-up and tickets available soon at

Emerge Festival 2019 - From Protest to Fabulous: Las Vegas’ Emerge Festival Re-Aligns Music Discovery with Social Unrest

05/31/2019 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Rehan Choudhry spent a year thinking about festivals, their models, and why most of them seemed to fail to present emerging perspectives and sounds in a compelling way. The tendency to present thousands of little-known bands without curation or context has become ineffective.