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Press Release |  04 Feb 2019 18:58 |  By RnMTeam

Udayswar@Prithvi a concert of morning ragas by Pancham Nishad presents The Voice of Tradition - Suhas Vyas

MUMBAI: “Any artiste would be honoured to perform in a place where art is accorded the highest respect. The Prithvi theatre itself is like a sanctum sanctorum for artistes, and the disciplined approach of the institution is a role model for others to follow. The concert will be of morning raags which by design are reflective in nature, and exude a certain meditative quality to the event. After all, as any Indian classical music connoisseur will agree, the objective of art is not merely to entertain, but to elevate both the artiste and his audience to soulful aesthetic experiences. It will be with much pleasure and happiness that I will perform at Udayswar@Prithvi” – Pt. Suhas Vyas

It's time to rewind to a different era, when baithaks would take place in courts of royalty. The dedicated audience would listen as a performer used the power of his voice or his music instrument sans technology or gadgets to create an ambience. Experience the same setting at Udayswar@Prithvi, an Indian Classical music concert of morning ragas which uses no microphones or amplifications to create a rare acoustic experience. This weekend enjoy a vocal performance by Suhas Vyas.

The concert of morning ragas of the second prahar is a result of a partnership between organisers Pancham Nishad and Prithvi Theatre both active in promoting and developing the performing arts and is held on every third Sunday of the month.

‘Udayswar@Prithvi’ is the perfect combination of Prithvi Theatre’s intimacy and excellent acoustics, which gives a rare opportunity for music lovers to enjoy Indian classical music in its pure form. This unique concert of morning ragas has featured many renowned vocal and instrumental artistes.

Sun 17 February 2019 | 7:30 am | Prithvi Theatre