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Press Release |  11 Oct 2018 13:30 |  By RnMTeam

International singer Soumita Saha shares incredibly inspiring message on Navaratri

MUMBAI: The mythology and culture of this our country is  intrinsically woven around women that every element of it reflects the divinity and power in her. As we gear up to celebrate Navratri, we celebrate the victory of women empowerment. As we know women signifies one of the most amazing creation of god. But womanÆs treasured characteristics like love, compassion and piety are mistaken as her weaknesses. She is mistaken for the weaker section of the society. The result is what we see today - abuse and oppression of women. Navaratri is celebration of the divinity and power in women. Keeping this in mind International singer Soumita Saha preaches a message that literally touched the heart of society. The young Diva says, ôThis Navaratri Let us make sure that no Saraswati becomes a victim of casting couch, no Lakshmi becomes a rape victim, no kali receives a tube of fairness cream, no Durga becomes victim of humiliation because she decided to fight back.ö 

Soumita is best know for the mega hit she gave this year. Her Internation Debute Ishq became a remarkable hit over night. The International song bird is known for the experimental work she did with Tagore Music to bridge the gap between traditional and mordern music. Her contribution to the field of social activism makes the young Diva Youth Icon. She has been vocal about many mal practices and controvertial issues.

Speaking about the celebration of Navaratri the mesmerising beauty with voice of gold said, ôNavaratri is that amazing time of year we celebrate the victory of women power. Being a bong it is difficult to keep calm when Durga Puja is nearing. In Bengal, we have a tradition of offering Pushpanjali to the warrior goddess on the eight day of the festival. While offering Pushpanjali we pray to the goddess to fulfill our wishes.ö

ôThe current situation of the society literally inspires me to pray to Maa Durga that save our saraswatis of blood and flesh from becoming victims of casting couch, may our lakshmis be safe on streets of the city and outskirt. Restrict the society from forcing our kalis to be ashamed of the beautifully dark complection she is born with. Let not the society look down upon the durga who chose to figh back,ö she further added.