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Press Release |  04 Oct 2018 19:11 |  By RnMTeam

Argenil collaborate with Apache Indian and Yatez for debut EP

MUMBAI: On the verge of releasing their debut EP next month, Bangalore-based duo Argenil, have charted exclusive territories in the music industry by fusing Indian instruments and music with EDM to create a self-composed genre they call ‘Hindustani Trap’.

The brand new independently released 5 track EP titled "She Did It"  features Sleazeball, Help, Dholna, Marianna and She Did It. From using nadaswaram, violins, flutes, table, Ravanhattha,  thavil, the EP covers everything from reggae to trap to dubstep  to folk to hip hop.  Debuting on the album is upcoming American rapper Eddie, reggae legend Apache Indian and UK based rapper Yate z as well as New Delhi based Hindustani singer Deveshi Sahgal.

Argenil state, “ The concept of this EP is essentially personal growth and strength. Like everyone, we have been through tough times and have always been resilient and risen back up. In many ways, it's a snap shot of finding yourself and never giving in.”

Apache Indian states, "Hearing Argenil has made me excited for new music again! And after watching them perform I was totally blown away, fusing elements of trap, Indian sounds, live music and a DJ. I think they have a lot of potentials and have massive global appeal. Fantastic duo right out of of my favorite cities in India.”

Eddie Heartthrob states, "Argenil is bringing an innovative and refreshing sound to India’s music scene. The way that they are able to craft such a hype-trap sound, while at the same time keeping in touch with their roots and their culture is only going to lead them to greatness. It is always admirable when someone brings something new to the table, and Argenil is doing just that. Rather than riding a trend, they are paving their own lane. They are phenomenal musicians and I am certain that in the near future, they will need no introduction.”  

Yatez states, "I had a lot of fun working with Argenil and experimenting with what was a new genre for me. I have a lot of respect for their sound and feel like the fusion between us created a special track.” 

On another note, the enterprising duo have freshly been signed to US based music management firm Sunset Entertainment who have worked with Troyboi, Craig David, Ashanti, Jamie Foxx, Timbaland, Shakira, Jason Derulo, Keri Hilson, Pussycat Dolls, P Diddy, Nelly Furtado and the likes.