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Press Release |  19 Jun 2018 18:25 |  By RnMTeam

Five reasons that make BeyoncÚ and JAY-Z's new album 'Everything Is Love' the coolest thing in the History of Music!

It came completely by surprise!

During Saturday Nights On the Run II tour, Beyoncé and JAY-Z took the mic to surprise their audience “We want you guys to be the first to experience this new project.” After premiering the new “APES**T” visual to the crowd, they released their collaborative album, Everything Is Love, to the rest of the world without warning! *woooaahhh*

The Apeshit video- Not just a music video- but an artistic and creative statement shot at The Louvre - the world's largest art museum and a historic monument!

From standing nonchalantly in front of the Mona Lisa in their plush suits,  upfront to the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo to Jay-Z rapping in front of an Egyptian sphinx, throughout the "Apes**t" video, Beyoncé and Jay-Z repeatedly upstage some of the world’s most well known and revered art and sculpture! Only possible if you are The Carters!

‘Everything Is Love’ to be available but to only paid subscribers!

Therefore, to listen to this iconic album in India, listeners/fans will have to subscribe to stream it across platforms. So if you want to listen to the music, sign up now!

15mn views in 30 hours for APES**T

It is not a shocker… this had to happen! With a breath-taking video, a firecracker of a song and above all a surprise, fans have literally gone apes**t.

The Carters Are So Powerful!

“Undefeated with the cane too I said no to the Super Bowl: you need me, I don't need you Every night we in the endzone, tell the NFL we in stadiums too” and “Tell the Grammy's fuck that 0 for 8 shit Have you ever seen the crowd goin' apeshit? (Rah)”