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Press Release |  12 Mar 2018 17:55 |  By RnMTeam

The mellifluous, tenor voice of Kaivalyakumar to perform at Udayswar@Prithvi

MUMBAI: Udayswar@Prithvi is a rare and truly unique acoustic experience of Indian Classical Music to be enjoyed in its pure form, in the manner it was originally designed, for an intimate Baithak.

"I have heard a lot about Prithvi Theatre and its acoustic setting, it will indeed be an entirely new and unique experience to perform here. Nowadays even if you know singing well, the unfamiliarity of the microphone and amplification systems might hamper your music from reaching the audience as desired. Therefore, I salute the acoustics of Prithvi Theatre that presents the artiste and the audience with this opportunity to share pure music. I am very excited and am looking forward to performing at Udayswar@Prithvi on the occasion of Gudhi Padva," Kaivalyakumar.

No microphones! No amplification! The True Experience!

Growing interest and enthusiasm amongst audiences of all ages to attend morning concerts has led to Pancham Nishad and Prithvi Theatre both active in promoting and developing the performing arts to come together to present Udayswar@Prithvi, a concert of morning ragas of the second prahar.

The intimacy and excellent acoustics of Prithvi Theatre offers an unadulterated exchange of music between the artiste and the audience making it a refreshing and rejuvenating experience unlike any other in today's age of microphones and amplification.

Udayswar@Prithvi is held on every third Sunday of the month and features various vocal and instrumental artists.

This event will be held on 18 March at Prithvi Theatre from 7.30 am with vocals by Kaivalyakumar and co-artiste Mandar Puranik (Tabla) and Ajay Joglekar (Harmonium).

Udayswar@Prithvi is supported exclusively by Bank of Baroda since April, 2017.

Till date, Udayswar@prithvi has featured Devaki Pandit (vocal), Budhaditya Mukherjee (Sitar), Prasad Khaparde (vocal), Sangeeta Shankar (Violin),  Manjusha Patil (Vocal), Mohi Baha’ud-din Dagar (Rudra Veena), Raghunandan Panshikar (vocal), Rupak Kulkarni (Flute), Shuchismita Das (Vocal), Milind and Yadnesh Raikar (Violin), Jayateerth Mevundi (Vocal), Tejashree Amonkar (Vocal), Satish Vyas (Santoor), Ulhas kashalkar (Vocal), Shakir Khan (Sitar), Rahul Deshpande (Vocal), Rakesh Chaurasia (Flute), Shubha Mudgal (Vocal), Sabir Khan(Sarangi),Rashid Khan (Vocal), Brij Narayan (Sarod), Arati Ankalikar Tikekar (Vocal) ,Manju Mehta (Sitar), Pelva Naik (Dhrupad Vocal), Ganapati Bhat (Vocal), Ronu Majumdar (Flute), Bhuvanesh Komkali (Vocal) and Kala Ramnath (Violin).

Born in a family steeped in the world of Indian classical music, Kaivalyakumar is the illustrious inheritor of a unique legacy of classical music. Grandson and son of veteran vocalists, Pandit Ganpatrao Gurav and Pandit Sangameshwar Gurav, Kaivalyakumar's musical voyage commenced at home. With an impeccable academic background - a graduate in music and commerce and a post graduate in music from Dharwad University, Kaivalyakumar ji, integrates a blend of both, the mind and the soul, in the notes he renders. Due to this ancestry, Kaivalya Kumar is a treasure house of unusual compositions (Bandish).  Endowed with a mellifluous, fluid and high pitched tenor voice, he has achieved much recognition- Surmani, Pt. Jasraj Gaurav Puraskar and Sarva Shreshta Kalakar to name a few. Kaivalya Kumar’s rendition of ragas is marked by natural phirat, fast tans, infallible rhythm, imaginative content and a superb aesthetic approach.

He has performed at major festivals in India and abroad. Apart from being an accomplished performer, Kaivalyakumar has been a successful teacher training students at the Gangubai Hangal Gurukul at Hubli, where he has been appointed as the Guru of Kirana Gharana.