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Press Release |  07 Mar 2016 13:27 |  By RnMTeam

Javed Ali positive about the '80s yet modern track in æ1982 - A Love MarriageÆ


MUMBAI: Popular singer Javed Ali hopes that his track in the romantic- family film, æ1982 - A Love MarriageÆ blends the æ80s style of music with a modern treatment.

ôIn æ1982 - A Love MarriageÆ I have a very good song. It is a romantic kind of song. I usually get offered romantic songs. I heard the song; someone had sent a link to it, asking me to listen to the song.

The music of the song is like the æ80s, but at the same time, it also has a modern angle to it. It is slightly a waltz kind of song. I believe that people will like it, and our effort always is to put in our best,ö said Ali in an interview.

Ali is usually known for his songs with spiritual connect like æArziyanÆ and æKun Faya KunÆ, but is equally known for his romantic tracks such as æJashn-E-BahaaraÆ, æGuzarishÆ, æIshaqzaadeÆ among numerous other tracks.

æ1982 - A Love MarriageÆ is a love story set against the backdrop of love marriage and arranged marriage in a village during the æ80s. The film is low-budget film, without any big stars but Javed said, ôIf there is a good film, be it a low-budget or big-budget film, I feel people like to see good work, not the fact that it is small or big, so this is a conducive period where good work comes out. The more the effort is put in, the more appreciation the work receives.

Actually, no one can say that a song will be successful or not. Sometimes we record a song and feel that the song will be successful, but it doesnÆt become successful sometimes. Success or no success is in the hands of the Almighty. Our job is to put your life into it, and to try to sing it the best way possible.ö

æ1982 -A Love MarriageÆ directed by Prashant M. Gorey, starring Amitkumar Sharma and Omna Harjani, is produced by ShivKumar Sharma and is releasing on 11th March.