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News |  10 Aug 2022 17:01 |  By RnMTeam

If You Want to Learn How to Play Guitar Then These Social Media Channels Are a Good Place to Start

MUMBAI: If you fancy the idea of playing a few tunes on the guitar around a campfire with friends this summer, are interested in a career in the music industry, or simply are up for the challenge, then 2022 could be the year that you get started learning how to play.

If in-person lessons aren’t practical, no problem: there are plenty of social media channels that can effectively teach you the basics of guitar and get you playing quicker than you might think possible. We round up the best of them below.

With over three hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube, Jam Play is a highly regarded, popular channel that features a range of free guitar guides for beginners. Subscribers regularly point to the fact that JamPlay’s videos use a range of different teachers to deliver lessons, so you can choose the person who's teaching style suits you the best.

Whatever type of music you’d like to play, this platform covers it. And if you really get on well with the lessons, they offer a paid subscription service, too, which will give you access to even more resources and learning videos.
Rock On Good People

One of the best things about this channel is that its beginners’ guides are focused on helping new players to develop good guitar playing habits early on so that they have a strong foundation to build on that will stand them in great stead as their skills develop.

Rock On Good People’s vibe is relaxed, which may well suit you as a learner. The content of the lessons and guides is varied and experienced: for example, there’s a video on how to improve when playing live.

It’s important to remember if you’re thinking about performing in the future that there are legal rights attached to most music. You could opt for tracks that are in the public domain or royalty-free music to avoid legal issues. The content of the lessons and guides available on Rock On Good People is varied and experienced: for example, there’s a video on how to improve when playing live if this is the route you’d like to travel.

Ben Eller Guitars

If you have a little musical experience but none with the guitar, then Ben Eller’s super popular ‘Why You Suck at Guitar’ series is available on his YouTube channel, which currently boasts around 345,000 subscribers.

For those beginners who want something a little different than standard chord progression lessons, this channel could be perfect and will get you playing quickly while having some fun along the way.

Justin Guitar

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get you up and running with playing the guitar, then join the over one million subscribers to the Justin Guitar channel who have already learned or are in the process of learning the instrument.

Justin’s lessons concern both electric and acoustic guitars (as well as the ukulele) and cover scales music theory, and subscribers can also access lots of quick lessons to squeeze in a bit of practice if you find yourself with five minutes of free time.

What makes this channel stand out is its extras: as well as beginner lessons and practice exercises, Justin Guitar also teaches viewers how to fix some common problems with a guitar that players may run into. As a teacher, Justin is friendly, motivating, and uplifting, and you’ll feel well supported as you pick up the basics of guitar.

Rick Graham

Learn the basics alongside proper techniques on this long-running YouTube channel that’s perfect for beginners. There is plenty of training videos, and, as a teacher, Rick is a master at breaking down the information you need into easy-to-remember chunks, which helps to prevent new learners from feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re itching to start playing some killer riffs, then this channel is the one you want: marvel at Rick’s licks and then learn to play them yourself with his step-by-step guidance. Even the most complex-sounding of riffs are demonstrated and taught in an accessible, simple way: meaning that you can start shredding sooner than you thought possible!

As a teacher, Marty is extremely patient, and the lessons are paced perfectly for new learners. To add some extra interest, there are also additional lessons from other experienced guitarists, who each have their own techniques, tips, and tricks to help you develop your skills.

Marty goes into careful detail in each of his lessons, and he also covers many of the most frequently asked questions that new guitarists have. Each video is conducted at a slow and steady pace, making it easy to follow along and pick up the skills you need.

Each of the social media channels above will help you to get playing guitar, teaching you the basics and providing a great springboard for your learning. As well as beginner lessons, most of these channels also offer videos for intermediate and advanced learners, so you can continue your journey once you’ve mastered the basics.