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News |  05 May 2022 14:03 |  By Tolika Yeptho

'Dhvani Bhanushali was destined to sing Dynamite', says Gourov Dasgupta

MUMBAI: Gourov Dasgupta released his latest party song “Dynamite”, sung by the beautiful and talented Dhvani Bhanushali under Hitz music.

Dynamite is one of the most unique slash party songs that he has composed. “I am more of a rock ballet, slow love song kind of a guy but this is something interesting I have made amazing drops and amazing outlines. I had the song for a while and it was meant to be released in two other labels and a big film too but that didn't happen, probably the universe had different plans. I met Vinod Bhanushali and played this for him, he was in, he said this has a potential to be one of the biggest club songs of the year and we put it together.”, said the composer excited about the release.

“Dhvani Bhanushali was destined to sing Dynamite. Dhvani Bhanushali caught exactly what the song needed, she hit the ball out of the park for this one. I am extremely proud of it and excited for this”. The singer is the youth icon and she has amazing energy, the song was made for her.

Boasting his success with songs like, “Saiyyonee”, Ishq Namaza”, and “Gypsy Guitar” and co-composed for movies like Kaabil, Total Dhamaal, Mubarakaan and many more.

Gourov has worked for solo songs and movies too, sharing his experience, “Independent music and film music are very different to each other in a lot of ways, the lines are now blurred musically and you can't make out whether it’s a film or independent song. For film music a certain brief is given to you, it’s very challenging and interesting. I have been very lucky since last year, releasing a lot of songs, and a couple of many interesting releases coming up again. I’m working with big labels like Sony music, Saregama and more. The best thing as a solo composer is if you have a good song, you get to go ahead with it. Sometimes lines get blurred when you are doing a film song as you are complimenting someone else's vision. But both are exciting and challenging and it’s a lot of fun”.

Pandemic was a very depressing time for all artists. When Saregama came up with the idea of recreating old songs unplugged, “It was their idea, I offered to help by suggesting artists and talent who I know of. I felt that this is the time and everyone should help each other. So many great talented artists that he got on the table right from Darjeeling to Mumbai were apart. The composer thanks Saregama for giving this amazing platform and letting him be a part of something so beautiful.