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News |  17 Aug 2021 12:37 |  By RnMTeam

Kaushal Kishore: Patriotic songs can pull us out of any difficult situation

MUMBAI: Lyricist Kaushal Kishore has penned a version of 'Vande Mataram', which has been composed by Vishal Mishra and sung by Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff.

Talking about how patriotic songs can serve as an inspiration as the nation battles the Covid-19 pandemic, Kaushal Kishore said: "Be it our 'rashtragaan' 'Jan Gana Mana' or 'Vande Mataram', they have the strength to pull us out of any difficult situation. These songs give us energy and a direction. Today, when our country is fighting against the pandemic, it's important to remember these songs and derive energy from them."

What makes Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay's 'Vande Mataram' relevant more than 100 years after it was written?

"Vande Mataram strengthens the relation between the nation and its citizens. This song makes us realise our responsibility towards our country. So this song can never get old," he replied.

Talking about Tiger Shroff lending vocals to the song, the lyricist shared: "Tiger Shroff is a great artiste. He's sung a couple of English songs before, but this marks his Hindi playback debut. I'm so happy that I got to collaborate with him and write the lyrics of this song. The kind of effort he has invested in this song is applaudable."

Reacting to a tweet by Tiger Shroff, where he has spoken about the song, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Independence Day: "Creative effort. Fully agree with what you say about Vande Mataram!"

Expressing gratitude to the Prime Minister, Kaushal said: "The fact that our PM has shared my song on Independence Day, fills me with immense gratitude. Seeing Modi Ji tweet about my song has increased my confidence even more. I am encouraged to write many songs for the country now."

"I dedicate 'Vande Mataram' to all my fellow countrymen and to our jawans who sacrifice their lives to keep the country safe," he concluded.

(Source: IANS)