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News |  08 Mar 2021 15:14 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Women are independent and responsible in increasing the wellbeing of our society: Payal Dev

MUMBAI: On Women's Day, Payal Dev put forth a remarkable thought to the audience out there.

She believes the world has opened up many doors for women where they feel safe and secure to take a stand for themselves.

“As we women have reached to this place where we have been given equal status in the society as men, we have developed ourselves so much that in today's time many women are bread-owner of their families and also manage their house well”, expressed the "Genda Phool" singer.

She feels that in today's time women are free and independent as to before. They are able to work in any field, express their thoughts and creativity, they are independent and more responsible in increasing the wellbeing of our society. "Being free is freedom to express and with changing times we are seeing a lot of women coming forward be it in music, arts, corporate," added Payal.