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News |  24 Feb 2021 18:41 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Jivitesh Kharbanda's latest single is about mending a broken heart and moving on in life!

MUMBAI: Singer, composer and producer Jivitesh Kharbanda dropped a fresh indie pop vibe latest single “Thehre Hum Kyun” which he revealed he wrote 7 years ago.

“This is probably the only song where I first came up with the lyrics and made the melody later unlike my previous songs ‘Baatein’ and ‘Beimaan’”. The lyrics of this track are very close to his heart particularly because it embodies what he personally has come to believe over the years in his life – “the fact that one cannot stop because of anyone or anything”. Life is a beautiful journey and one should keep moving forward, believing in one’s destiny. “The song embodies the feeling of parting ways. It talks about an inner vibe, an imaginative force which drives the person forward”, the singer adds.

Jivitesh Kharbanda tells on the ideas of his latest release “Thehre Hum Kyun”.

Check the interview below:

How do you come up with new song ideas and could you elaborate the process of making one?

Honestly there is no fixed formula for making a song, I randomly get ideas which can shape anywhere be it on a flight, in a washroom or walking on a street. Once the idea is there in my head, I quickly record a scratch on my phone and that is where it all starts. I play on the instrument, jam over it and come up with melodies and through that I get as structure and a basic idea of a song. Then I analyze what kind of instrumentation is required and I start producing the track, work around some production ideas and get a basic layout and vibe of the song. With this process the foundation of the song is laid and then the song takes its own shape and course.

Further I keep scribbling a lot of words in my head (gibberish) and channelize my focus on the lyrics of the song and its theme. My approach of working on the song is a bit inspired from the western culture. 

Watch here:

How do you decide what all instruments need to be used in a song while producing?

Mostly 8 out of 10 times you know the song has to go in which direction, for instance let’s talk about “Beimaan”, it was composed on an acoustic guitar and I exactly knew that I wanted to have a club or a lounge/funk vibe in it unlike “Baatein” which was a soft romantic ballad where I just wanted to use Ukulele and whistle primarily along with some stack vocals on the top which eventually becomes the sound of the track.

And it’s really not that you can’t experiment with the instrumentation and sound of the song, you can always mound however u want it as I’m already in process of releasing a reprise version of “Beimaan” which will be very different from the original track.

Recently, I and Shilpa Rao have collaborated on recreating her debut song “Tose Naina” from the movie ‘Anwar’ which garnered a lot of love from the audience. That is when I came up with this idea to produce the song by using some Foley sounds which would also be a key element in my upcoming music productions.

When do we see you perform these songs live on stage? Do you have any such plans for future?

Yes, absolutely that’s really the plan for 2021. My plan is to release couple of more singles this year and would definitely start doing live gigs very soon. I did a virtual gig for NIMS college, Mumbai where I performed my original tracks along with some covers and I premiered “Baatein” exclusively for them before the official release. The response was overwhelming for me, I can’t wait to be on stage and perform all my songs live in front of everyone.

When is your next release?

Right now, there are 2 songs in the pipeline. I’m re-releasing a track called “Udta Panchi” in March and my new track “Faasle” which will be out in April. Faasle is a pop indie ballad which is very close to my heart. This song tells you about the relationship you have with yourself and how to overcome with the feeling of getting betrayed. It’s about self-love which is something we all should priorities considering what we all have been through in the past year which has made us realize how valuable our lives are. Keep tuned in and look forward to my music!