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News |  22 Jan 2021 13:29 |  By RnMTeam

The 'Big Indie Bang' is here to redefine what young India calls 'Commercial Music’. Listen to Khoye Se by Hyderabad-based artist, SHOR!

MUMBAI: The Indian Independent music scene has always been limited! In resources, scope, reach, marketing platforms - it’s time to change that! Backed by the label Big Bang Music, Big Indie Bang is an incubator for new artists to take their music beyond their core fans to new markets, platforms and eventually, as a collective change the definition of ‘commercial music’ in India.

Talking about Big Indie Bang, CEO of Big Bang Music, Gaurav Wadhwa says “Our learning is that with a 360 push any artist can become mainstream. It’s all about sampling to the right set of consumers. There’s untapped potential for what we call niche artists. There should be no small, large, niche , commercial in art. All of it should get its fair share of fans and consumers and at Big Bang Music we want to be the vanguard of that .. Hence the birth of a new system to run Indie music.”

Big Indie Bang's first release is 'Khoye Se' with Hyderabad-based artist Shor. ‘Khoye Se’ has already been gaining traction as Ritviz played this on one of his instagram live sessions and it was well received when it was played during a set at Zomaland. The song has a solid, dark and dreamy vibe that has all the right elements for it to enchant listeners.

Khoye Se is a take on finding comfort in being lost - something that we’ve all been acquainted to more recently with the world in a tailspin. In the midst of all the chaos, we’re somehow able to lead our lives in the bubble we create for ourselves and muster up a fleeting level of compassion and interest to something pertinent or horrific we read in the news, although some could argue that it’s the only way to be content. The song is written, composed and produced by SHOR and is the 6th and final single of his first Hindi EP “Khoye Se”.

The incubator for emerging artists is led by singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle who spent his time in the lockdown listening to over 600 artists on Instagram LIVE. “The idea is to help artists grow their fan bases by marketing their music, audio production support and curating great music videos”. There are over 15 releases planned for the year and we can’t wait for Indie musicians to get the appreciation they deserve.”

Talking about the song, Shor says “The idea of the song came about when I got an absurd amount of notifications from a news app on my phone. Each headline seemed to be more dire than the next but because we live in an age of information overload that we’ve at some level become numb to, I was able to immediately put away my phone, tune everything out and continue doing whatever i was doing.”