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News |  21 Jan 2021 17:21 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Gwen Dias's song 'Tera Bina' relates well with her existing relationship with near and dear ones!

MUMBAI: Mumbai based singer-songwriter Gwen Dias released new single “Tera Bina”, a labour of love.

“I am normally a very private person. But with this song, I wear my heart on my sleeve. The process of bringing this song to life was so fulfilling because of the involvement of my family and friends in the audio and video. A post-pandemic world has made me more aware of the privilege of having loved ones around and a newfound appreciation for life”, shared.

Watch here:

The secret remedies to a beautiful marriage of Gwen Dias and husband Nyzel Dlima is “Trust”. “It's also important to give each other their space to develop as individuals. That strength will only make your bond as a couple stronger put pride aside and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine”.

They started as friends playing together in a gospel band, "By Grace". Hence, they always feel that God is essential in their bond. “Nyzels' sense of humour brightens my days. Our mutual love of travel, food, and movies makes for a soulmate. Nyzel is always my rock”. The singer’s life and her music would be incomplete without him, she revealed.

2021 started with a bang with 3 of her originals being featured on #NYZMusic. A platform that features artists with an NYZ production flavour. These songs will be part of a 2021 album titled "Hopeless Romantic". “2021 has marked a milestone in my musical journey because of my debut Hindi single "Tere Bina". I'm shedding my inhibitions. Enjoying the composition process. And bringing my individual flavour”.

With everything going online this year, there are a lot of indie artists who are releasing their music. She comes from a board to design vocals. “I have always loved the training”. Currently, she’s planning on giving back with an online vocal training series. There are a few ad jingles she has voiced that should be releasing soon. “And I'm also gonna dive into a plethora of voice over projects this year”, she concluded.