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News |  20 Jan 2021 17:45 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Song 'Oh Jiya' showcases the struggle of women to fit into social fabric: Sheetal Gupta

MUMBAI: Powerful vocalist Sheetal Gupta drops “Oh Jiya”, under Crescendo Music featuring actors Pihu Sand and Gaurav Sharma. The song highlights the stigma and showcases the harsh reality of this generation of young women and their constant battle with low self-esteem and confidence.

“Oh Jiya” is a special song as it showcases the struggle of women to fit into the social fabric that has enveloped us in today's times. The fake world out there pressurizes the vulnerable ones & some get into depression & low on confidence. “My song sends out a message to every one of positivity and of being self-confident and comfortable in one's own skin, being the best version of you and never letting anyone bring you down”, shares Sheetal excited about the release.

Watch here:

“Am a mother of a twenty-year-old beautiful girl and I see this generation very closely. Their dilemmas, their insecurities, their botheration for things that don't really matter is what propelled this song. One has to accept oneself as they are, when you love yourself and are comfortable in your own skin then only you can bask in the glory of this beautiful life. Easier said than done but not impossible. Audio-Visual is a very strong medium to put across a message and get it registered on the young susceptible minds, hence this strong story in my song. Besides, I must give due credit to team Crescendo who helped helm such a beautiful story”, said .

Currently, the singer is looking forward to introducing her upcoming new singles which showcase her in a different vocal style, a fresh musical approach wherein she has explored new genres and grooves. “Hoping 2021 brings us all good health, success, and more film playback opportunities for me!”

Sheetal revealed her main goal as a singer is to touch someone's life with her musical talent, to uplift someone's spirit, to benefit humanity. She’s also hoping to release some film songs too.