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News |  17 Dec 2020 16:00 |  By RnMTeam

Cult rapper-producer MC Stan releases new song 'Amin'

MUMBAI: Indian hip-hop’s best kept secret rapper and producer MC STAN released a new single, ‘Amin’ from his six-track audio-visual project Tadipaar.

MC STAN’s unrestrained, sharp writing and versatility as a beatmaker has won him lakhs of fans and 2020 has seen the rapper-producer add to that tally with regular releases through the year.

‘Amin’ is the fifth instalment in Tadipaar and follows ‘Numberkari’, a song that released in November.

Who is MC STAN?

A pioneer as much as a product of the Pune hip-hop scene, MC STAN is a creative powerhouse whose fame and fanbase grows with every release.

Altaf Tadavi, popularly known as MC STAN, has come a long way from the narrow lanes of Tadiwala Road – where he grew up listening to qawwali. MC STAN started his hip-hop journey by sharing his rapping videos on WhatsApp but soon became an enigmatic phenomenon thanks to an incredible online community of fans who have helped his songs reach audiences in India and around the world.

Over the last 18 months, MC STAN has gained more than 675,000 subscribers on YouTube for his stylised videos and raw, straight-talking verses.

Tadipaar – ‘Amin’

Tadipaar is a story told through six songs and six videos of MC STAN’s life in Pune and captures his experiences with the police, fame and infamy and what led to his ‘exile’ from Pune to Mumbai – the final act of tadipaar[1].

Like his previous songs, ‘Amin’ is also semi-autobiographical and starts as a conversation between the Pune-born rapper and his mother. Written at a time when guilt kept him up at nights, ‘Amin’ is one of the most personal songs that the rapper-producer has written till date.

He sings that irrespective of his actions or of those around him, at the end of the day, he just prays for all who wish him well and ill. Though not religious, ‘Amin’ represents MC STAN’s faith in himself and in a higher power, and the strength he draws from the word itself, reiterated by the lyric ‘Har mere sentence ke end mein, bol Amin’.

“Agar mere koi bhi dusra gaane nahi sunne ka hai toh mat suno, but yeh haan zaroor suno. Yeh gaana aapke liye aur mere liye acchaa rahega (If you don't want to listen to any of my other songs, you don't have to, but definitely listen to ‘Amin’. This song will be beneficial for both you and me),” says MC STAN of ‘Amin’ in his signature style.

Watch the video for ‘Amin’ here:

Tadipaar serves as a showcase for MC STAN’s versatility as a rapper and producer, that isn’t tethered to genre classifications or trends.

Previously released songs from the project include ‘Hosh mai aa’, ‘Ek din pyaar’, ‘307’ and ‘Numberkari’ – all of which have been viewed millions of times on YouTube by fans.