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News |  27 Nov 2020 17:43 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Bismil's latest Punjabi song 'Ki kita' is a blessing in disguise

MUMBAI: After releasing original composition “Tere Bina” singer Bismil is all geared up for Punjabi song “Ki Kita” under White Hill Music, featuring Bismil, Aakanksha Sareen and Nawab Faizii.

The peppy song was written by Gulsher and music is given by GoldBoy.

Congratulations on your latest release “Ki kita”, Could you tell us the story behind it?

It was quite a memorable journey for me. I met this guy Gulsher (lyricist) randomly on Instagram and then I really liked his work as I always wanted to do a Punjabi song, he was just the right one. Then I composed it on my harmonium and then the team got together and worked really hard for “ki kita”. I have learned so much from this song. I think this song is a blessing to me.

Tell us more about yourselves as a band, the idea behind forming a band? Your bond with each other. Please elaborate.

In 2013 when I was in my college days. I used to watch so many concerts of college fests I always had an idea about forming a band. And then I met the right performer for that (Vibhor Hasija) We formed a band together and now it's been 6 years. Since then there's no going back. My band members are not just members for me. It's like a family to me. We eat together, party together, chill together and of course Fly together. I am blessed.

Watch here:

“Tere Bina” gained 5M views on YouTube, how do you feel?

It's such an amazing feeling to have 5M plus views on YouTube. I am glad people loved the song and that motivated me towards my next songs.

Upcoming projects?

I've started working on my next song but this time it would be a romantic one and then another song with my band. I have many songs in the queue.

Stay Tuned!